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"You are the single biggest disappointment of my whole life, the Sayeti general said to his only son. I send brave men and women every day to face the rebels. I send them to their deaths while you -- you meet with your cohorts to plot the downfall of us all! Velkar looked up at his father. The slick silver hair that cloaked the old mans chest and arms stood up with anger while a thick gnashing sound could be heard in the silence that echoed forth from his father. It was the sound of the generals teeth gnashing together in a rage beyond comprehension. Father, you know I would have went forth and crushed the rebellion myself if only--, Velkar began, standing up to his whole unintimitating height of five feet which of course allowed the far taller man to tower above him. However, the general held up a single callused hand and his son stopped in mid sentence. Bahh! You are not fit to fill the ranks. You are to pathetic to die on my battlefield, boy. You and your accursed mind aches would make you a liability.  I would not be a liability. I have been training and I am becoming stronger and faster. Why, I dare you to send anyone of your soldiers against me. I will crush them and show them all how a true Sayeti fights! Any soldier boy? How about me then!
With that the general lunged at his only son. A huge fist pulsed forth at
impossible speeds to strike Velkar hard across his face. The blow plucked the young Sayeti from his feet to send him crashing hard into the opposite wall which bulked against the blow. Huge faults began to form in the colossal structure. In retaliation, the tiny form picked himself up before launching himself forward towards the general. He launched his left foot around in what would have been a powerful round house kick, but his father was far to fast. The old man leapt upwards to evade the kick and then proceeded to follow that up with a rapid kick of his own that cracked into Velkars right shoulder, making the attached arm go sundly numb. Velkar dropped to his knees and then tried to rise. That was when it began. The mind ache spread quickly, cold fire racing through every capillary, vein, and neuron of his head, the boy began to scream out as loudly as he could. Sweet began to slowly drip from the soft smooth skin of Velkars face. His green eyes flashed once in panic as the old man began to move, but to his relief and chagrin the old man moved only to turn his back on his son. 
How pathetic. You are no warrior. I dont care what the sages told us when you were born. You are not fit for anything, least of all for that. You are a disgrace. You are lucky that we fight for a civilized world. If you had been born on the other side they would have left a weakling such as you exposed to the elements to of died a long time ago. If I see you ever again before you have proven yourself a true Sayeti, know that I will not have mercy on you a second time. You cost me a good wife. Her life is not worth yours: It was not worth a thrall such as yourself. And then there came the tread of slow measured steps clipping against the stone work moving away and fading until there was nothing.
Alone in the silence, Velkar screamed.  At last the pain began to lessen. The young would be warrior raised his head upwards to regard the Guidance Chamber where the two had met. The area was in ruins, the ceiling would likely collapse, the wall was a mass of thick scar like faults. Yet, for the moment at least, it still stood.  Oh, but you are wrong father. For in my time I shall be the greatest warrior ever to live. Greater then the rebels, greater then your best soldier. Better then you old man. I will not be defeated again, no matter what the price. And with that the little man struggled to his feat, the room beginning to sway all about him. He screamed once more as though to warn the universe of his approach as chaotic stone work began to plummet.  The thick stones irritated him but did not harm him. Such was the nature of the Sayeti.
From the rubble a solitary figure meandered forth with a single hand pressed to
his temple. However, whether the hand was placed on his head in pain or rage one would be hard pressed to say.

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Larry's Tales


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These are Larry's writtings, see what you think

In his vision he could see his brothers face traped beneath a pool of transulecent steal. He searched desperetly for his voice and found only a feral growl. Looking down, Neptide could see his once lustrouse green skin turned into a pale mass of sickly white flesh. His metalic armor was the only thing protecting him from a steady stream of fire that rained down from a sky that glowed with an errie blue light.  Swallowing and tasting bile, he aproached the wall of clear metal that had stollen his brother away. His brothers face stirred but once as he approached, wrinkling up and drawing the skin tight to highlight his brothers amphiped features. Seeing his brother, even beneath the barrier in the vision, still reminded Neptide of looking into a mirror. For an amphiped the two were fairly tall wavering somewhere around 6 feet in height.  Thanks to there years of training both had a fine muscle tone, a muscle tone that no
human could ever hope to match. Green skin colored his brothers body, forged of scales to small for anyone to notice. His brothers large lidless oval shaped eyes stared outwards at nothing.  Neptide approached and could see his own pale features staring back, outlined in a steady ring of fire that was growing larger behind where he stood. He pressed a single caloused hand against the metal surface and found it warm to the touch. Fear for his brother prompted him to struggle against the surface for a moment to no avail for the case was perfect. His brother had been imprisoned. Turning about at last he saw two eyes composed of a darkness deeper then any night. With a feral hiss, Neptide responded, calling for his psi-hammer. Instead, however,he found a slim beam of black energy in his hand. The dark psi-sword seemed to hiss like a snake in his grasp as it darkened the area all about him. Praying in wordless growls he saw three figures steadily emerging towards the non-light that he clutched in his hand.  With a jerk of his hand he tried to send the psi-sword back from where ever it had come but found it growing larger rather then smaller. Its cold, loathesome form began to slowly grow upwards, swallowing his arm as it went.  A mass of red curls adorned a womans stern composed face. She leaned over and spoke something unintelligable. Next to her came a figure wrapped in an ebony hued cloak. He opened his mouth as though to speak, but by then the darkness was everywhere. Neptide couldnt even scream as the last portions of his flesh melted away to fuel the wretched blackness.

Neptide opened his eyes to the singing. He found that he was breathing heavily, the remanents of his dream still floating through his mind. What could it mean?  Well rise and shine, came the melodic chime of Georget. Neptide swallowed back the angry words that threatened to errupt from his throat. Such was not conduct worthy of a cyber-knight. She was, after all, a woman even if she could send fireballs dancing at her merest whim or freeze a man were he stood. A leyline walker, and, if his brother was to be listened to in this matter, worse, an elf.  Goodmorning Georget, was Neptides loan reply as he stretched and leaned upwards as if to embrace the growing sunlight that was streaking accross the ragged terrain of Minesota. Well Good morning youself. You were making such a fuss that I couldnt quite memorise my spell! Now, just go and do whatever it is you cyber-knights do, and let me memorise my spell.  Of course, such would be my honor madame. I wll go prepare breakfast. Only, could you please tell me....where have the others gone.
The others? They at least had the respect to let an elf study in peace. Which is
more then I can say for you. Now, go away and cook me breakfast before I call lightning down on you.  Madame, you will do no such thing and we both know it. None-the-less, I will go get breakfast ready, Neptide said as he walked away from the tempermental elf. The elf merrily tossed her golden curls over her shoulder before haughtily stalking away to sit beneath one of the few many trees in the area. She sang a little bit as she read, an absent tune that seemed to be composed on non-snesical words.  There was still plenty of fish from the catch they had made yesterday. Neptide found a smile at last coalesing on his face as he thought to himself that there were certainly plenty of bonuses to being an Amphiped. He began to prepare one of the larger fish, an ugly brute with huge jaws that could have torn an unwary mans arm off, when
he heard Georgets singing abruptly stop and transform into a mind rending scream. Wondering why he hadnt been able to sense the danger, Neptide droped the fish to the ground while pivoting in a backward sumersault which he emerged from with his psi-hammer out and ready to smite evil. Instead of evil, however, the cyber-knight found only his brother, whom was busy dodging Georgets tiny fists. Georget was soaked from head to toe, apparently the result of one of Swirleys many practical jokes. Thick, heavy laughter a few feat further away annouced Grims presence and help in the antic.  Well, ah cant but help notice Georget....hehe....your all wet! the small, gruff man said through his thick beard.  Shut up Grim! the elf responded, her calmly features begining to grow scarlet.  All wet...oh my my....that was to funny.  That, Georget began, punctuating each word by tossing a tiny fireball at either Swirley or Grim, whom began to dance eratically to evade the spells.  Was--not--funny!! The last fireball hit Grim dead on and began to slowly coal up his
beard. The dwarf like creature chuckled only once before stomping his short stubby hand over the flame which imediately disappeared.  Neptide stalked away, angry himself. He didnt want to have to say it again. The words would fall easily enough, for they were words of truth, yet they were tired words
that left him weary for the effort. What cyber-knight behaved in such a manner? They were supposed to be protectors of the weak, not jokers and worse. Georget was here under there protection. It was his brothers opportunity to redeam himself, and what did his brother do, but screw it up. What would Lord Cloake do if he were here? Would he yell? Scream? He wiould do none of the sort. Nor would Neptide.  Yet, the matter still weiged heavily on the young amphiped, so far from his home.  Neither Swirley nor he would of been here if it hadnt been for his curiousity, the cyber-knight reminded himself once more. It was his own fault. But someone had to investigate. He was the eldest between the two, so he had touched the swirling pattern of blue first all those years ago. His brother had followed him in. His brother was like that.  Always following. His brother, he supposed, was a good person at heart. He was just a little bit off the path to a life of true valor, honor, and wisdom...that was it. Seeing his brother at last alone, Neptide sighed. He had to do his duty, whether he wanted to or not. Even before the dream vision Neptide had often wished that he and his brother had never left there home world, had never come to this place of monsters, demons, and
war...this place called Earth. Things had been so much simpler and happier amongst the Amphiped warriors back home. Not for the last time, he cursed the Rift that had brought him to this strange world.

Far away to the south east Mike Fellstar sat with his fellow teammates Nick Kong and Alana. He smirked a bit as they began to dig into the food that had been given them.  Food delivered by order of one of the higher ups. Food meant to fatten up the soldiers before they are sent off to die.  For the time being the base was fairly calm. That was, however, only because the orders hadnt been given out yet. As officers of a company under the leadership of Alana, the three knew a little bit more about the war then the average soldier, but not by much.  How is the food, Juicer? Mike asked, his voice coming out in a loud hiss that caused most men to shiver in there shoes.  Good psycho. Fucking Good considering this is the last of it before we eat nothing but raw rations for the next few months before we reach Tolkien, Nick Kong
responded, his voice somehow managing to sound jovial despite what awaited them.  Eat up Mike. I need my soldiers to be strong, Alana stated, giving her
psi-stalker a smile. Mike shifted a little bit in his seat but still responded with a chuckle.  His comander watched him for a moment longer and he couldnt help but notice her beauty. It was a bold, haughty beauty, but beauty none-the-less. He and Nick had once discussed the possibility that Allana had only been promoted this high at first because some General fancied her. Of course, neither would say that to her face. Neither wanted any accidents to occur while out in the field.  You know I dont need this sort of food, he at last responded.  Thats right. You need to eat peoples brains like some sort of Zombie, psycho, Nicks cheerful voice belowed out loud enough for probably someone back in Chi town to hear.  Is that it? Ive been wondering. Ill have to send you out first then, in the front, so that you can get some of those brains first. I wouldnt want you to starve, after all, Alana said with a smile that twisted crookedly on her face.  You both know how I work. I take my knife and I stab it into any d-bee thats stupid enough to get in my way. And then, slowly, surely, I get to feed on their energy as there body grows lifeless at my feet.
Alana turned her eyes, clear and dark as a starless night, full force on Mike. She ran one of her seemingly delicate looking hands lightly down his arm for one moment.  Thats why your with us. To find and feed on their magic users. Im told theres quite a few of them out there. Itll be a full course meal for you.
Yes. I can sense them. They are getting nearer all the time, as the words his out of Mikes mouth his long claw like nails began to bite into the surface of the table. Alana could feel her psi-stalkers muscles tensing beneath his uniform.
And you are eager to fight them, to kill them? she asked. Yes. I will fight to defend the coalition for as long as neccesary. These d-bees must be stopped.
You know Mike, Nicks voice boomed out teasingly ,your kind of a d-bee if
you think about it. Alana felt her psi-stalker about to rise so she allowed her arm to sundly press downwards with its full strength. Even so, it wasnt an even contest of strength by anyones estimate. She wondered for a moment what would happen if she let go. The juicer would tear her psi-stalker apart, thats what, she decided. The psi-stalker finnally relaxed, although a heavy growl still emenated from his throat.  Dont worry, Mike isnt a D-bee. Hes here to kill the monsters same as you and me Nick, she said, letting go off Mikes arm.

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