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Fort Voyager Not So Weekly Newsletter

Updated Every Friday, however we seem to have.... writers.... absense


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Waves of Xiticix

Story covered by Felix Winterstone


    Here in Fort Voyager citizens have one great advantage that isnt shared by everyone: Safety. Safety from the Duluth hive, home to a collection of monstrous dimensional beings that act in mannerism and feature like giant insects with one important difference. These giant insects can and do use weapons and technology.

    They are called Xiticix. And this threat may be closer then you think.

Consulting with experts we uncovered the fact that the Xiticix may not be stopping. They are gradually pushing south, straight towards our city and that of New Savior. 

      Its similar to army ants, one top researcher remarked. Back in the days before we entered the rift there were two giant hives of army ants as well. These hives literally stretched for miles beyond belief. Of course, back then, though territorial, the ants wouldnt be a problem to a human. However, to ants from other hives.....I heard of one report from my late mentor of two ants from separate hives being collected by a biologist. The two ants, born from different hives, fought to the death when brought together. It is my belief that the Xiticix think of us in similar terms. "Rival ants to be done away with."

    Is this the case? Are we but an enemy to be disposed away with against these giant bugs? A chilling question, and one that thankfully, as of yet, is still some distance away. So long as New Savior stands, a buffer zone of sorts exists.

    Even so, beware, for the hive is growing south. Should New Savior fall, it is likely that there will be a general call for mercenaries and men at arms to deal with the hive once and for all.

uh oh

Political Report
Two years ago three Super Glitter Boys were lost to an unknown theif.  It has been found out that these were infact taken in a coupe organized by the former government of New Savior.  In a document prestented to us by the new government, it gives intimate details of the plan as well as other plans for our technology.  Although authorities will not give more information at this time.  This is the first of hopefully many new singns of trust by our neighbors to the north.  Diplomatic relations with New Savior are set to resume next month.  in the City of New Savior.
Dragonwright has made yet another move to the south.  It now controls the entire Pass.  The Pass is a region used to get between the hivelands.  This is yet another show of threat to the safety of New Savior.  Authorities believe they will launch a new invasion in the fall of this year. 
General Traxler will be stepping down as General of Fort Voyager next month due to stress placed on him by the Militant party.  They claim that he has lost touch with the city and its needs.  Military Elections will take place in one week to appoint the new General of Fort Voyager.  The Loyal party sees this as yet another attempt to keep the City at war "for no good purpose"


Top Ten Worries of Fort Voyager Citizens
  1. Too many D-Bees
  2. Invasion from the North
  3. Political weakness
  4. Trade decline
  5. Loss of men to the enemy
  6. Lack of expansion
  7. Inferior magical power
  8. Militay production down
  9. New Savior
  10. General Traxler's Resignation.

*Gathered by the Fort Voyager Polling Coporation*

Will she get you?

Vampires Amongst Us
an editorial by Wayne Capear
    This area is riddled with conflict.  We all know that much.  There's so many of those damn bugs to the north that it is said that when the hive is active the sun is actually blocked out.  Dragonwright has been brimming to our north as well, just beyond the hives.  Who knows just what they are up to.  It is creepy how they hide from technology.  To make matters worse there's been some sort of ruckus in New Savior as of late.  All of these problems, however, pale in comparison to the largest danger in this region.
    The undead.  Vampires.  They stalk through our lands these days coming from who knows where and there seems to be no relief in sight.  Many squads have been sent off to deal with this menace, yet, few to none have returned.  And that isn't the worst of it.  Most supernatural creatures, such as the bug people for example, are clearly not human.  Hell, they are giant bugs.  How much more inhuman can you get?  But these vampires aren't like that.
    As I glance around the tavern whereI type this article I can see a wide range of faces.  Some human, others clearly not.  I feel a cold shiver enter my spine as I wonder who amongst this rabble could be the truely inhuman, the undead.  Supposedly vampires are pale skined, yet, that isn't a fail safe way to identify the monsters.  What exactly can one do against these beasts to protect oneself then.  The answer is disquieting to me: Nothing.  Nothing other then affirmative action will work here.  We, my fell human living reads, must band together against these menaces.  More squads need to be sent out to deal with the vampires.  Sadly, these squads have slowed to a trickle as the government realized just how deadly these beast can be.  I say there deadliness does not mean that the squads should stop: Quite the reverse.  We must plunge on ahead until every last vampire is destroyed.

*Please note that everything in this page is fiction and is based entirely on my imagination*