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Riftergm's MegaverseŽ
Fort Voyager

Population Breakdown: 125,000 total
82% Human
6% Psi-Hounds
4% Psi-Stalkers
8% Other races (includes mutant animals, dragons, exotic D-Bees, and other supernatural creatures)
Note: This does not include the transient population of visiting merchants, mercenaries, and travelers.  There are about 3d4x10,000 at any given time that are granted temporary visa's.  Citizenship is very difficult to obtain.  As such most return on a new visa often.
    Fort Voyager is a free city like none other you have ever seen.  When one first arrives the clean streets and happy life will impress even on the most bitter a traveler.  Aside from the ridgid control of the military the city has more liberty then even those of Lazlo. 
    The city was and still is a Fort that was built 300 years ago by the American Empire.  It escaped the tumultius events hidden in a limbo like demension.  This has given them an edge that no other power on earth has.  They weild technology that even the Splugorth would think twice before fighting.  This grants them the right and privalage to do as they please. 
    However they are far from stupid or arrogant.  They know that they are small and have very limited resources.  They see themselves slowly expanding to become a larger city-state.  When this happens there are a number of options they will consider.  However at this time they are content to simply exsist and grow. 

Located in the North western part of Minnesota, Fort Voyager faces a couple of very very real challenges to becoming a real power on Rifts Earth.  To the North, West, and East are the Xiticix.  Then to the south is the fabled nation of Tolkeen.  The terrain in the area is fairly easy to work with though.  There is ample supplies of both water and wood.  There are some gently rolling hills, but in general the area is somewhat flat.  The forests of the area are all old growth trees; Oaks, Maples, Hickory, and even some evidence that Millenium tree may have once tried to sprout.  The lakes and streams of the area are clean and fresh, and relativly deviod of monsters.  Another major aid to the defense of the Fort is that there are no real roads to the city.  They made a point of never allowing them to be kept this has allowed them to continue to remain hidden.
Animals in the area are fairly common.  Mostly simple deer and other woodland creatures.  A small grove of Pixies is believe to exsist as well and adds further crediance to the belief that Millenium tree may have once stood.  Despite continued hunting there is also a large population of an previously unknown breed of wolf in the area.