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Riftergm's Megaverse®
Glitter Boy FireFly

FV-98 "FireFly"

By Nick, with additional work by Dave Telly

Model Type: FV-98
Class: Strategic Armor Military Exoskeleton
Crew: One
MDC by Location:
* Main Jet Thruster (2) - 120 each
* Lower Jet Thrusters (2 back) - 40 each
* Leg Dierectional Thrusters (4) - 20 each
* FV-98 Rail Gun Thruster (1) - 15
FV-98 Rail Gun (1) - 150
** Head - 200
***Main Body - 350 and all Laser resistant like the GB.

* A single asterisk indicates one of the jet thrusters. Destroying the main thrusters makes flight impossible and reduces the leaping height and distance by half.
Destroying the lower jet thrusters reduces flying speed by 20% and makes mobility while flying or leaping unstable, reduces combat bonuses by half.
Destroying the rail gun thruster will make firing the rail gun imposible in flight.
Destroying both the main and secondary thrusters makes flight impossible, reduce combat bonuses by 75% and leaping is limited to 12 feet high and across.
Destroying two or more of the leg thrusters reduces speed by 10% and makes fling the Fire Fly wobbly; -1 to strike and dodge.
All are samm and difficult targets to hit requiring an attacker to make a called shot to strike one. Even then the attacker is -3 to strike; -6 if the Fire Fly is leaping or flying around.
** Destroying the head has a 70% chance of knocking the pilot unconscious. Iff conscious the pilot has two problems. One, no power armor combat bonuses to strike, parry, and dodge. Two the head is now vulnerable to "aimed attacks. NOTE: The head is a small and difficult target to hit ( shielded by main jet). Thus it can only be hit when an attacker makes a clled shot and even then the attacker is -3 to strike; -6 if the Fire Fly is leaping or Flying around.
*** Depleting the MDC of the Main Body will shut the armor down completely making it useless. NOTE: Laser weapons do half damage!

Running: 60 mph Maximum. The act of runnin does tire the operator but at a fatigue rate of 10% or normal. Thanks to bothe the robot exoskeleton and the jets that fire intermitinly to help with fatigue.

Leaping:18' w/o Thrusters
90 ft high 450 ft lengtwise w/thrusters
The Fire Fly cannot power travel with thr thrusters, it simply wasn't designed for that. This tends to cause undo stress on the already stressed thrusters and body.

Limited Flight: Fire Fly Glitter Boys can actually fly. Maximum speed is 90 mph, but cruising speed is more around 55 mph.

Flying Range: The nuclear power supply of the Fire Fly gives the armor a decade plus of life, but the Jets get extremely hot and must be cool after only 20 min. of flight. In most cases, the jets will start to sputter and speed will decrease by half after 20 minutes and for another 4D6 minutes before cutting out all together. If the Jets burn ourn out they are useless and must be replaced. The pilot now fatigues at 30% of normal.

Fire Fly Glitter Boy

Statistical Data
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 1200 lbs.
Physical Strength: Equal to PS of 30
Caro: None
Power System: Nuclear, Average life is 25 years
Fort Voyager Cost: Exclusive to the Fort Voyager Military. However Remington Arms has baught one and is designing a "knock off"

Weapon Systems

RG-20 Rapid Fire Electromagnetic Rail Gun: This gun is basically a huge gatling gun that fires the same round as the infamous "Boom Gun", with the important differance that it is in fact a gatling gun. It can fire a burst of rounds and fully incapacitate an enemy with only burst. The downsides of this are abvious, first off the pilot losses all control of his situation. Secondly, the gun can only sustain this burst once every minute or you will melt the barrel into itself. Lastly, if you do this while flying you will likely fly off into the ground at around 300 miles per hour. Lethal to all but the strongest beings on rifts earth.

Weight: 900 lbs.
Mega-Damage: 3d6x10 or a if fired in a burst, then inflicting 3d12x10, this can only be done once every minute.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of combined hand to hand attacks of the pilot, or once per minute if in burst
Maximum Effective range: 2 miles
Payload: 50

Sensors and Features: All basic features common to power armor, plus the laser resistant armor of the Glitter Boy

Special Bonuses: +2 to strike is applicable to long-range weapon combat. Hand to hand bonuses: +3 intiative, +2 Parry, +2 dodge, and is automatically +6 to doge if leaping

*Please note that everything in this page is fiction and is based entirely on my imagination*
**This was based highly on Palladium Books® Own Glitter Boy Sidekick, I hope you guys like my adaptation**