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Riftergm's MegaverseŽ
Fort Voyager Notable Businesses

Remington Arms Corporation

This pre-rifts company never actually had a dealer in the research fort, but when the fort went into limbo and then came back out a lot of things changed. A group of people who remembered the old American Empire and the Remington Firearm Company decided to bring it back to life in this new Earth. They started just making civilian firearms. This was all they did for around the first hundred years of limbo. Then shortly after that they decided it was time to go into other fields. However at the time there was no market for anything, including firearms, since they had been in limbo so long. So to keep the company alive they sold all of the more powerful ideas to the military. This would prove a bad idea in latter years but it was what was needed then. When the base finally came out of limbo a huge new market suddenly opened up to them. They began to market everything they had for the world that suddenly became visible. This is when the deal with the government came back to haunt them. During the time of limbo the deal had been made so that only the military could buy Remington Arms. This deal did not end until after the year 105 P.A. which was 5 years after they showed up on rifts Earth. However they have had two years to come back to life, which they did right away. However, the massive growth has hurt the company's stability.

Remington Arms Produces:
Energy Weapons
Body Armor
Power Armor

"The Piston Bar"
This is the meeting grounds for all of the soldiers after a hard fight.  This bar is given to load parties and huge fights.  Across all the wall are holo-pictures of the various battles that Fort Voyager has won since its return to Rifts Earth.  There have been a number of attempts to get the bar shut down by the Fort Voyager government, but it has been determined that this bar is an important moral builder for its troops, so it will stay. 
Notable Products
Piston Beer: 50 proof alchohol, Cost: 15 Crd
Sloth: Considerded the strongest drink in the world, Cost: 1000 Crd a shot.
"Holy Avenger" Given to any undead officer, Cost: Free

*Please note that everything in this page is fiction and is based entirely on my imagination*