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Riftergm's MegaverseŽ


Fort Voyager
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Headhunters Guild
Headhunters Guild


We are those you seek when you need "something" done. We do all those little dirty missions you don't want to have on file. When someone defies you, we take care of it. Time and time again people turn to Mercenaries of our nature. We are the Headhunters.

New Savior Funded Missions:

10 Dragonwright Dogtags: 4,200
10 FV Dogtags: 7,000
5 Juggernaut Dogtags: 50,000
5 Mega-Glitterboy Dogtags: 40,000
Assaulting AELLRC: 500,000
Raiding Dragonwright: 40,000 per month
Raiding FV: 50,000 per month
Capture living FV soldier: 7,000
Take out Dragonwright base: 70,000
Destroy Main FV Barracks: 200,000
Bring in FV Armor: 20,000
Bring in FV PowerArmor: 100,000
Bring in FV Robot: 200,000
Bring in FV Weapons: 10,000
Bring in "Styx": 16,000,000
Capture a GB Fire Fly: 28,000,000
Kill Horseman: 3,000,000
Kill Jadenhoth: 5,000,000
Kill Alice: 5,000,000
Kill Raphial: 5,000,000
Kill Jessica: 5,000,000
Kill Frike: 2,000,000
Kill Gen. Traxler: 5,000,000

*Please note that everything in this page is fiction and is based entirely on my imagination*