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Riftergm's MegaverseŽ
Remington Armor

All of this armor is for civilian uses though it is based highly on military designs.

RA-1: This is the suit of light mega-damage armor sold the most by Remington Arms. It has a great deal of versatility.

Class: RA-1
Size: Human equivalent.
Weight: 15 lbs.
Mobility Penalties: Good; -7% Climb, -15% Prowl, etc.,
MDC by Location:
Helmet - 85
Arms - 70
Legs - 85
Main - 110
Special Features: Designed to look like AI-3
Market Price: 80,000 Dollars

RA-9EX: This is an exo-skeletal suit of armor based on the idea that there is never enough firepower and never enough tech-toys. It is heavy, loud, and cumbersome. It will, however, have just about everything you could want in a suit of armor, short of power armor that is.

Class: RA-9EX
Size: 7' 8"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Power Systems: Battery that provides 3 full days of power, will fully recharge with a 12 hour rest in the sun.
Mobility Penalties: Poor; -30% Prowl, -20% etc.,
MDC by Location:
Helmet - 200
Arms - 200
Legs - 240
Main - 400
Special Features:
Full integrated weapons:
Damage: 6d6 md per blast
Range: 2000 feet
Payload: 10 blasts (Takes Standard Eclip)
Damage: 1d8x10md (15' radius)
Range: 2 miles
Payload: 4 Mini-Missles
Other Features:
HUD for use in the field
Computer Link
Nightvison 2000'
Infrared 300'
Combat Bonuses:
Raise PS by 10, PP reduced by 2, spd raised by 20
Market Price: 400,000 Dollars

RA-2: A slightly heavier form than RA-1 but the same basic concept. Made more for a civilian who feels a little unsafe.

Class: RA-2
Size: Human equivalent.
Weight: 25 lbs.
Mobility Penalties: Fair; -10% Climb, -25% Prowl, etc.,
MDC by Location:
Helmet - 85
Arms - 75
Legs - 100
Main - 130
Special Features:Designed to look like AI-4
Market Price: 100,000 Dollars

*Please note that everything in this page is fiction and is based entirely on my imagination*