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CS Invasion Force


Notable NPCs
Rules and Troubleshooting
The Players
The Players

The Faces of your friends and your enemies.


Position: Player
Controls: Coalition Jucier. 
Stats: Most likely to actually help his group out.  Usually does this even though he doesn't mean to.  Updated Stats: Likes to kill trees.  He is often ill equiped for what he can do, I have tried to remedy this, we shall see how that works out.
Total Play Time: 1 year


Position: Secretary
Controls: No Player
Stats: This wonderful girl is often forgotten even though she is by far the most important part of this page.
Total Play Time: Never (but she did take the time to make a character once)


Dave Telly
Position: Game Master
Controls: Anything he wants to.
Stats: Often accused of being too hard on the players, this guy really does throw too many bones.  Not so this time.  If you die, you are just that dead.
Total Play Time: 7 years.


Position: Player
Controls: CS Psi-Stalker
Stats: A nice guy that for the most part always plays to his character.
Updated Stats: Now in charge of all the group.  I wonder what it is he will do.  Perhaps he can flourish.
Total Play time: 4 years


Position: Player & Game Master
Controls: CS Special Forces
Stats:  A good leader most times but Nick often forgets about his men and thinks of how best to fix his lot in life
Updated Stats: Having led the first group he showed alot of couarage.  Now forced to be subserviant to a lower ranking officer may be bitting him in his ass.  Hmm....
Total Play Time: 2 years

Time to die.