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Rifts Online World
Rules and Troubleshooting


Notable NPCs
Rules and Troubleshooting
CS Players
River Styx

Here are the Important Rules that are in effect for all of my games.  These are not going to change unless we find a problem with it, or if we find a better way.
  1. If you miss a session you are docked 500 exp.  and you miss out on everything that the group got.  This can mean the difference between a level to those of you who are new to this.
  2. The exp penalty for being late is set up like this.  Half-hour : 100 exp; Hour: 200 exp; hour and a half: 300 exp.  Any longer then that you are consider a no show and get the full penalty.
  3. If you miss more then two sessions in a row without a good reason then your player will find a less than pleasant end.
  4. Out of player talk is done with a underline all text that is underlined is considered out of player.  Everything else is in game.
  5. You will be assigned a Dice page as soon as I we begin play