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*NEW 2/28/04* Remington Arms has two new weapons with a third on the way.
Note on all coming soons: Soon means as "soon" as I get my tush in gear.
Fort Voyager Newsletter is ... Yeah, we all know this one is having issues.
Will be fixing more little problems as I see them
Coming Soon:  A new suit of power armor
Coming Soon: A complete, rather then breaf history of Fort Voyager.
Coming Soon: New Savior's Offical Site.
Coming Soon: Dragonwrights Offical Site.
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A Brief History of Fort Voyager
Fort Voyager was a large scientific/ military fort. As with lone star they were very interested in dimensional travel. They had found one of the first known ley lines. FV set up 2 bases on the ley line. Within weeks they found that this ley line was very powerful and could be used as an energy source. They also found a way to turn P.P.E into liquid. The machine to do this was located at a base called A.E.L.L.R.C.(American Empire Ley Line Research Center) After creating over 4000 tons of the liquid they shipped it to Fort Voyager as the fuel for a large dimensional travel gate way. A.E.L.L.R.C.s sister base A.E.D.P.D.P.(American Empire Dimensional Portal Developing Plant) built this Portal. This was all a plan by the American Empire to beat the rest of the world in the 3rd world war. When they finally activated the Portal instead of repeating what happened at Lone Star, The Portal took the whole base as well. The base was in limbo during all the turmoil on Earth. They were allowed to flourish in limbo due to the fact that some of Earth's best scientists were at the test run of the Portal. They came out of limbo in the year 98 P.A. After seeing the world they spent over 4 years developing a device to cloak them from the outside world. In June 104 P.A. they activated it. Then in the year 105 P.A. they set up the first trade agreement with the town of New Savior. Since then, New Savior has evolved into a small kingdom. With the support of Fort Voyager they are very formidable.

*Please note that everything in this page is fiction and is based entirely on my imagination*

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